Privacy Policy

This document entitled “Privacy Policy” contains ways of collecting information on the User and usage rights of SP Aleksandr Uraksin Sergeevich (hereinafter referred to as the “Rightholder”) (the User is hereinafter also referred to as “you”) upon uploading, installation and use of the “Parodist” Mobile Application (hereinafter referred to as “Mobile App”) by you.

  1. General Provisions

    1. When uploading, installing or using (hereinafter jointly referred to as “use”) the Mobile App, you agree with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy in full and give your consent freely, willingly and in your own interests, to the following methods of Personal Information processing procedures: record, systematizing, storage, adjustment (updating, change), retrieving, usage, transfer (providing, access) to third parties, including cross-border transmission to the territory of foreign countries, anonymization, blocking, deleting, destruction for the purposes and according to the procedure provided for herein, using automation technologies or without using such technologies.

    2. This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the documents referring thereto, including the End User License Agreement for the Mobile App (hereinafter also referred to as the “Agreement”).

    3. Unless otherwise provided for by this Privacy Policy, the terms and definitions used herein shall have the meaning stipulated in the End User License Agreement for the Mobile App.

  2. User’s Personal Information

    1. When using the Mobile App as intended, the User does not independently transfer any information on himself/herself to the Rightholder. The Rightholder does not store and does not use the data allowing to identify the User (personal data).

    2. In this Privacy Policy, the User’s Personal Information means:

      1. Data in anonymized form which are automatically transferred when using the Mobile App depending on software configuration of the User, including operating system of the User’s device.

      2. The User understands, accepts and agrees that the Rightholder can use third party software in the Mobile App and, therefore, such parties can receive and automatically transfer the anonymized data (clause 2.2.1 hereof).

        This third party software can include the following systems of collecting and processing analytical data:

        • Amplitude, a system collecting and processing data in accordance with the privacy policy put and/or available in the Internet at:;

        • Facebook SDK, a software of Facebook company, which collects and processes data in accordance with the data use policy put and/or available in the Internet at:

        • Firebase, a software of Google, which collects and processes data in accordance with the data use policy put and/or available in the Internet at:;

          The data being collected using the third party software, can include:

          • data on the User’s device, including unique identifiers of the device, its location (country, city), operation system data (type, version, screen resolution) etc.;

          • request data (time, traffic source, IP-address);

          • data on the User’s actions in the Mobile App.

          The contents, as well as the conditions of collecting and using anonymized data by the rightholders of the said software shall be determined directly by such rightholders and regulated by the documents put and/or available on their sites in the Internet.

          By accepting this Privacy Policy and by making certain settings in his/her software, including the operating system of the device, the User agrees with the conditions of collecting and using the data by the rightholders of the above-mentioned software.

            1. The Rightholder does not verify the authenticity of the provided Personal Information and the existence with the User of the necessary consent to its processing in accordance with this Privacy Policy believing that the User acts in good faith, with due care and makes all necessary efforts to keep this information updated and to receive all the necessary consents of the personal data subjects.

            2. The Rightholder also collects videos the user records when the user uses the Mobile App, via their camera or camera roll (if the user has granted the mobile app permission to access their camera or camera roll). The Rightholder needs it for cases when the user removes the footage from the gallery (photo or video albums), but they wanted to get it back. So they can easily download this video from the Rightholder’s cloud storage. Also, this is needed if the user doesn't give the Mobile App permission to access the gallery (photo or video albums).

            3. The Rightholder obtains only the specific video the user recorded using the Mobile App; the Rightholder does not collect user’s photo or video albums even if the user grants their access to them. The Rightholder encrypt each video that the user uploads using the Mobile App. This means that the only device that can view the video is the device from which the video was uploaded using the Mobile App – the user’s device.

            4. Due to the limited processing resources available on mobile devices, the Rightholder uses third-party cloud providers – specifically, Amazon Web Services – to store videos. The Rightholder uses only private storage for store users' videos.

            5. The Rightholder does not disclose user videos to any third parties, except cloud provider Amazon Web Services (private storage).

  3. Purposes of Personal Information Processing

    1. The Rightholder is entitled to use the User’s information for the following purposes:

      1. ensuring communication with the User via the Mobile App for information servicing and marketing;

      2. conducting marketing, statistics and other research based on anonymized data from the analytic data collecting system indicated in clause 2.3. of the Privacy Policy, in order to improve the Mobile App;

      3. targeting advertising and/or information materials using the data from the analytic data collecting system indicated in clause 2.3. of the Privacy Policy.

  4. Personal Information Transfer

    1. The Rightholder can transfer the User’s information to third parties in the following cases:

      1. the User expressed his/her consent to such actions, including cases of the usage by the User of settings of the used software which do not limit providing certain information;

      2. such transfer is necessary within the framework of use of the Mobile App’s functionalities by the User;

      3. in connection with involving third parties being service providers, for rendering services to the Rightholder. Personal Information is transferred to such service providers with a single purpose of rendering services to the Rightholder;

      4. in connection with the use in the Mobile App of third party software for collecting and processing the User’s data. In particular, the Rightholder can use the third party software in accordance with clause 2.3. hereof for collecting and processing anonymized data;

      5. in connection with the transfer of possession, use or ownership of all or part of the assets of the Rightholder to a third party, including assignment of rights under the contracts concluded with the User, in favor of such third party;

      6. upon the request of the court or another authorized state authority in the framework of the procedure provided for by the applicable law;

      7. in order to protect the rights and legal interest of the Rightholder due to violation of the contracts concluded with the User.

  5. Requirements to Personal Information Protection

    1. The Rightholder stores the User’s Personal Information and ensures its protection from unauthorized access and distribution in accordance with internal rules and regulations.

    2. The User’s Personal Information is kept confidential.

  6. Changing and Deleting Personal Information

    1. Any issues regarding this Privacy Policy, using, changing and deleting the User’s Personal Information or exercising other rights of the User in respect of the Personal Information, can be sent to the Rightholder to the email address indicated in this Privacy Policy.

  7. Changing Privacy Policy

    1. This Privacy Policy can be unilaterally changed or terminated by the Rightholder without preliminary notification of the User. The User is advised to review this Privacy Policy regularly, i.e. its version currently in force.

    2. A new Privacy Policy comes into effect from the moment of its placing, unless otherwise provided for by the new version of the Privacy Policy.

    3. The current Privacy Policy is located in the Internet at: Details of the Rightholder

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